Smart BMS JK-B2A20S20P with Active Balancer 200A (8S-20S)


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Designed for use with our 3.2v EVE LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells, the JK-B2A20S20P (8-20S) 200A Smart BMS, complete with a 2A Active Balancer, is specially tailored for large capacity LiFePO4 battery packs.

As well as the standard features you’d come to expect from your BMS, the JK Smart BMS also contains a whole host of additional features including;

  • Active balancer
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Voltage collection
  • Coulombmeter, and
  • GPS remote.

The BMS is an integral part of your lithium battery system, it helps to elongate the lifespan of your unit by protecting your cells against any potential faults, it does this by quickly preventing any electrical flow to the unit should an issue be detected in either an individual cell, or the overall unit. 

The JK range of BMS have a phenomenal reputation for technological design and innovative protection functions. These BMS are packed full of features, making them a great choice to work in cohesion with our EVE LiFePO4 cells.

Additionally, the JK BMS allows you to control and adapt cell operating functions, perform diagnostics and record data, determine critical levels such as pack State of Health (SOH) and State of Charge (SOC). You can access this data through the dedicated app, available on Android and iOS.

Note: JK provide no instructions with their BMS apart from those included in the downloadable PDF. We strongly recommend that you have a good working knowledge of LiFePO4 systems and BMS electrical equipment before purchasing this product.

Model                                      200A
Balance Function                    2A
Pack Structure                        8-20S
Nominal Voltage Per Cell      3.2v
Operation Mode                    Common Port
Operating Temperature        -30°C~75°C
P- / C-Connection Type         M6 Threaded Terminal – 2 each (4 total).

Qty Price
1 - 4 £127.00
5 - 8 £120.65
9 - 16 £119.38
17 - 32 £118.11
32+ £116.84

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