SEPLOS Mason 280L 48V 280Ah DIY Kit


The Seplos Mason 280L Kit includes all of the critical components required to create a DIY 48V 14.3kWh battery (prismatic cells sold separately).
There are two versions of this kit to account for the different terminals found on our EVE LF280K Prismatic Cells (Grade A & Grade B). The overall size of the kit does not change, however, the supplied busbars are different depending on your choice of prismatic cell.

This kit is also suitable for EVE LF304K cells, to create a 15.5Kwh battery.
LiFePO4 Prismatic cells are available to purchase
 here (16 required).

The kit includes the Seplos BMS (complete with Bluetooth) – which can be used to communicate with several inverters via CAN & RS485 such as Victron, Growatt, Sofar, Solis and more (a full list of inverter protocols can be found here).

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