Fogstar Energy Server Rack Battery Cabinet 15kWh Capacity


This product requires a palleted delivery.

Designed in the UK, our Fogstar Energy Storage Cabinets use the highest quality materials and the most innovative design techniques to get the very best from your energy storage system.

Recommended for use with our Fogstar ESR51.2V Server Rack Batteries, the Fogstar ESR51.2V Energy Storage Cabinets have been carefully designed to simplify the installation and maintenance of your system.

We offer our cabinets in two different sizes, 3 Rack Cabinet (15kWh) and 6 Rack Cabinet (30kWh) allowing you to expand your storage as, and when required.

Many manufacturers suggest connecting batteries together via the positive and negative terminals however, in our experience, this creates an imbalance between cells. Therefore, we’ve implemented a busbar system in our cabinets to distribute the load evenly across the cells.

Straight away you’ll notice the integrated, high quality, thick nickel plated copper busbars, enabling users to connect our batteries in parallel with ease.

The cabinets feature vented panelling at the front of the units, allowing air to flow around the battery units. We’ve also created unique circular cut-out cable access points in both the bottom and top of the units. These allow for a neat and tidy cabling system, ensuring easy access to your system should anything need changing quickly.

Qty Price
1 - 4 £333.32
5 - 8 £316.65
9 - 16 £313.32
17 - 32 £309.99
32+ £306.65

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