EVE LiFePO4 Grade A Prismatic Cell LF280K (280Ah)


Our LF280K-280A Eve Prismatic cells are Grade A Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries often referred to as LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells.

These cells are suitable for those looking to purchase 4 or more LiFePO4 batteries from the Fogstar Wholesale website.

Our LiFePO4 cells make ideal off-grid solar, campervan, marine and small off-road vehicle batteries. They are generally renowned for being the best DIY battery for energy storage applications due to their exceptional safety record, powerful storage and reliability.

They have a lifespan of around 8000 cycles and charge at 0.5C (0.05C termination current up to 3.65V) with discharge 1C (down to 2.5V). These cells require connecting together with the included busbars and screws.

Please ensure you are familiar with these cells before ordering, as they can be dangerous if shorted.

We purchase these cells directly from EVE. They are true Grade A cells and come with a QC certification from EVE to state that the voltages, capacity and sizes are all matched. 

Our connectors are designed and installed by Eve (not a third party). This connector is capable of handling the current and is far safer and performs better than studs or 3rd party connectors.

Busbars (nickel plated copper) and screws (16 nuts and bolts) are included.

Manufacturer: EVE
Model: V3 LF280K
Size: 72mm x 200mm x 172.5mm
Capacity: 280Ah
Weight: 5.35KG
Maximum Discharge: 280A (1C)
Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Cycle Life: 6000 cycles @ 0.5C
Top: EVE connector, bus bars and screws included.
Protection: None

Note: There are many sellers both in Europe and China selling Grade B batteries that are often branded as Grade A and Grade A-. Grade B cells do have their place for cheap capacity, but are not directly comparable with the price or performance of Grade A. This listing is for Grade A cells, if you are looking for Grade B cells, we have a separate product listing here


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