Fogstar are the official sole distributor of Molicel for Europe. We have been given express permission to sell these to the vaping market. Molicel are the first manufacturer to support the industry and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a fully compliant, fully supported range of great performing cells. We also offer these cells to battery pack/accumulator customers.

The Molicel P26A is a 2600mAh 25A cell that out-performs the Sony VTC5A (one of the all time greats). Perfect for high wattage regulated devices and mechanical mods.

Max. Continuous Discharge25A

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The Molicel 20700A is a 3000mAh 30A. This cell performs flawlessly – and is incredibly affordable considering it’s energy density. Truly the best option when it comes to 20700 cells.

Max. Continuous Discharge30A

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The Molicel P42A is a 4200mAh 30A cell that out-performs the Samsung 40T. For those looking for a battery that will last forever, theres no better choice in this format.

Max. Continuous Discharge30A

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