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we asked the hard questions, and then did something about it.

Over a year ago, we contacted the UK government and asked for a meeting regarding the translation on the EU battery directive. It came to light, that the EU translation is a little vague on what is required with these types of cells. (It was soon apparent) that if we wanted a future in this industry we needed to dig out the key facts in order to fully comply and ensure we were operating the right side of the law. 

So, what exactly is required?

Lithium-Ion cells are perfectly legal to import and sell, providing there is some specific information on them. This information needs to be indelible and thus can’t be simply a sticker, but must be permanently printed on the outside.

  • Chemistry of the cell
  • Capacity of the cell
  • Positive and Negative +/- (Polarity) Symbols
  • The WEEE Symbol

Printing on cylindrical cells is quite difficult, especially as it can’t be a contact printing method. A special printing machine that shoots out ink and binds it (permanently) to a surface using electric was required. An extremely expensive device for such a small battery company. However, we were left with no choice!

WEEE Symbol

What else is required?

After the initial issue of the symbols and printed information, the directive then asked us for two things.

  • In-House Testing
  • Traceability

We’ve always tested our cells, this wasn’t something that was new to us. However the traceability aspect proved difficult. We accomplished both of these issues with a new online testing platform called EXOCELL. This system, enabled us to make all our cells with a unique 4 digit code. We could then display the test results to anyone that entered the code therefore, providing in house testing and traceability.

What if im building a battery pack?

Whilst your battery pack still needs to conform to the directive, the individual cells that we sell will not. As you will be expected to put all the information above on your completed battery pack. We print ALL our cells, however – it is possible to request them without print as long as they are being used to create a larger pack.

What about CE marking and a certificate of conformity?

A certificate of conformity is a document that accompanies a laboratory test. If your product passes, you are allowed to stamp a CE mark on your product, and it is then legal to import and sell in Europe. You may notice that several re-wrap companies such as Efest, Vapcell etc will print a CE mark on their cells. 

A CE mark is NOT required.

Batteries do not fall under CE and do not have to have a certificate of conformity – There is no circuitry in a battery. They can still pass a CE test, but they do not require one by law. Many re-wrap companies will print this on anyway.

We offer a fully compliant service, so you don’t have to worry!

We take care of all this so you can focus on what you do best. Selling (or building!)

If you do require more information, or wish to set up a wholesale account, feel free to contact us.

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